Women’s Cricket Is Languishing: Why Not Play in Hot Pants and Bikinis

The current global cup for girls cricket held in India became a humid squib. There had been no crowds and no sponsors and over all it become a monetary damage. The ladies played in addition to possible, but nobody came to peer them. One of the motives is that the woman sporting pants and shirts just like the guys had tons of the feminism taken away. Why will the crowds move and watch something staid whilst human beings are looking for some thing exciting

One motive is that spectacle changed into lacking. Men who patronize the sport do no longer need to look ladies clothed as guys with pants and shirts. They could opt to see them play the sport in some thing extra female. Thus if you need crowds to are available to observe ladies’s cricket the cricket board will need to do a little revolutionary wondering.

The most effective approach to appeal to crowds is for girls to play the game in a one of a kind clothing, in order that there is an all around spectacle. After all even in Men’s cricket (T20) bikini clad cheer leaders strike a beat for the crowds. These cheerleaders deliver an surroundings of a carnival and add that rather more pep and exhilaration to the game. If those ladies can be cavorting round in guys’s fits then I see no purpose why the woman themselves cannot play the sport within the identical attire.

The best solution is for girls to discard the staid white and colored pants in prefer of hot pants and bikinis. It’s attempted out in Australia and is a splendid hit. Once ladies players enter the cricket stadium in bikinis and hot pants the crowds will are available and so will the sponsors. The bottom line is cash and the gamers can be higher paid and the game will thrive.

There are many those who may be opposed to this concept of women playing in revealing clothes; but times have modified and one has to move beforehand in any case in ancient instances the Amazonian warriors this is for mythology also wore quick skirts so they might move into struggle easily. Keeping this analogy in thoughts I assume the cricket board and the crowds will probable be given ladies batting,bowling and fielding in bikinis and hot pants.


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