Advantages and disadvantages of POSTAL REGISTRATION​

Advantages :
With the assist of the speed submit service, products may be delivered thoroughly and fast.
The parcels are added to the addressee’s door. He doesn’t must tour far to find his programs.
When the amount is little and the quantity is low, this kind of handy mode of transportation may be adopted.
Because put up places of work are normally postage stamps positioned close to marketplace centres, parcels may be simply dispatched.
The sum owed from the consignee may be realised via the sender through the publish office if the parcel is sent underneath VPP.
Disadvantages :
Sending large volumes of gadgets through parcel publish is greater pricey.
Because the most weight of a cargo allowed is 20 kg, it isn’t always viable to send heavy or bulky gadgets by parcel put up. Packages must be no more than one metre in duration.
The cost of velocity post carrier is taken into consideration to be excessive, and it isn’t available everywhere. It’s handiest provided in a few places.

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